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Corporate Events 2013-2018

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Rob-OT is the only “Golf Robot” in existence that is capable and ready to perform amazing golf shots with beyond human accuracy, and fully capable of playing golf with tour level accuracy as a robot golfer. Rob-OT is true golf entertainment for everyone!


1.     The celebrity tournament scramble! Set up ROB-OT on your favorite par 3 and watch him go for a hole in one. Your audience will be in awe as the robot swings and lands his shot within inches of the pin, and “very possibly”actually going in.
2.     The Pro Skills Challenge! Invite Rob-OT and your favorite pro golf celebrity for a crowd-pleasing man vs. machine competition. Rob has taken on Rory Mcilroy, Hunter Maham, and Japans Shingo - who will be next? This could be your perfect corporate exposure event waiting to happen.
3.     The Trade Show Celebrity Appearance!Rob-OT is a true industry insider and the definitive authority on modern club testing technology! Rob and his sibling robots have worked for virtually every golf manufacture in the US and abroad as testing experts. So, have Rob-OT introduce your newest Driver or Irons, live and in person.
4.     Rob-OT’s Swing Fingerprinting Introduction!Rob-OT will provide your clients or staff with an exclusive golf education and instructional experience. Your booth could be the buzz of the tradeshow utilizing Rob-OT’s Swing Fingerprint technology, your guests will see yardage gains and have equipment fit specifically to their swing characteristics.
5.     Rob-OT - A New Level in Competition Coaching!The next generation of golf pro’s is in training today, and who better to bring the latest in golf instruction technology to them than Rob-OT. Rob adds a dynamic to education that only he can… why?  Because robotics is on the cutting edge of technology and the future is here now.
6.     The One on One Exclusive Experience!Imagine… the technology that has been confined to the R&D laboratories of golf equipment manufacturers is now available to help individuals improve their game of golf! Give that very special person in your life a full Swing Fingerprint analysis and instruction resulting in yardage gains and equipment fitting specific to their swing characteristics.